5 Hot Ways to Use Vibrators with Him

If you’ve been enjoying the tongue-curling pleasure from your little buzzing friends alone, then you’d be surprised to learn that you can take it to a whole other level with your lover. There are many titillating ways to add a little adventure, intensity and excitement to your lovemaking, and one of those ways is with the addition of a vibrator. Let’s look at 5 awesome ways to do it…

Give each other a steamy and relaxing massage

Get yourselves relaxed and in the mood by giving each other a hot massage with your vibrator. This is especially useful to get him eased into using toys if he seems a little reluctant. It’s guaranteed that the rippling sensations through his body will send him to pure bliss.

Just have him lie on his back, and even better, blindfold him to heighten his senses, and kick off on a sensitive area like his neck, navel or the arches of his feet. Start your vibe on low speed, tracing the curves on his body and increase it gradually as he gets more responsive and excited. To make it more fun and unpredictable, play around with the speed and pressure while lingering on his hot spots. Do your best to tease him until he begs for it. Remember to avoid his groin as much as possible throughout to get him really eager and turned on. When he can’t take it anymore, have him do the same for you!

Give him a pulsating oral

If your man loves blowjobs, then he’ll lose it when you add your vibrator to the mix. This works better with a bullet vibrator. There are three fabulous things you can do with it during your blowjob – you can either directly hold it against his member to enhance his pleasure while you are doing your business, or you can hold it against the outside of your cheek so he can feel your mouth humming and vibrating which will add a bit of a tickly and tingling sensation to the experience. Alternatively, you can hold it against his gonads gently as you give him oral. He’ll love any of these tricks!

When it’s his turn to do the giving, have him use a small g-spot vibrator while he’s going down on you. This pair of pleasure will give you a super intense orgasm like you’ve never felt before. He can also use the vibe to fiddle with your clitoris to give you a quick quivering clitoral orgasm.

Enjoy some mutual stimulation

You can both enjoy more sensations to your lovemaking if you add vibrators. The doggie style is perfect for this stance. Just put your little bullet on low speed and strategically hold it against your clitoris, and slightly at the base of his penis. You’ll definitely come and he can take all the credit!

Tickle his perineum

That little skin between his anus and balls is incredibly sensitive and will feel great with some buzzing. To eliminate any possible discomfort, smear lots of lube and then proceed to use your egg or bullet to gently massage him. Don’t go any further though – a surprise in his back door might freak him out. But if he’s into it, go ahead and make his toes curl!

Try a cock ring

This is a great way to introduce him to sex toys if he still has reservations. Just slip the ring on the foot of his member which will limit the blood flow going out and can keep him harder, for longer.  It will also feel awesome when he hits your clitoris as he thrusts in the missionary and rear-end position.


Try one of these ideas together to spice things up in the bedroom and you just might have him hooked to your toys as well! Remember to be sensitive when using a vibrator and pay close attention his bodily response and feedback.  Feel free to mix up the vibration with different types of touch, speed and pressure – after all, variety is the spice of life!