We’re open, honest and vigilant when it comes to protecting your data, especially when it comes to processing payments on our website. That’s why we take the following steps to ensure a secure shopping experience.

Our entire website, including product pages, the ‘My Account’ area, checkout and ordering pages are covered by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which means that data sent between your web browser and the server is encrypted by at least 256 bits.

You can check if the connection is secure and active by ensuring that the lock icon in your web browser (next to the URL) is shown similar to the image below.

SSL Secure Icon



Shopping As Securely As Possible

To make the most of using our SSL and to ensure that you are making the most of a secure browsing experience, it is recommended to use the latest and updated version of your browser. We recommend using Google Chrome.

Payment Security

To ensure maximum protection online when processing your order’s payment, we use PayPal as our processing system. PayPal collects and processes your credit or debit card information on our behalf in order for your payment to be debited.

PayPal use the highest level of security in order to process and protect the input of your details. No bank, credit or debit card information is stored or accessible by the staff here at Kinkiness.

So you know that it’s us, payments for orders taken on our website will be displayed as “PAYPAL KINKINESS UK” on your bank or credit card statement.